Amanda Holden: ‘You Nearly Killed Simon Cowell!.’



Simon Cowell gets a sharp shock when he faces an 11 year-old knife thrower…

In this Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, Edward Pinder an11year oldschool boy and circus performer from Uppingham, takes to the stage with his knife throwing act. After throwing knives at his assistant (who is also his mother – Erika Pinder), Simon then decided to put himself in the firing line.

Simon decides he would like Edward to throw knives at him so joins him on the stage.  Simon to Edward ‘‘Can I just see if they’re real knives? Oh my god! Let’s just do two Edward okay?’

David asks ‘Can I have a go Edward?’  Luckily for Simon Edward wouldn’t let him.

Watch the show tomorrow to find out what happens. Simon did come away saying ‘I kind of felt my life go in front of me then!’

Amanda looked horrified as she told Edward ‘You nearly killed Simon Cowell!.’

Take a peek at the BoldDog motorcycle display team who have the judges holding their breath.

Watch 15 year old James Smith sing ‘Feeling Good’

BGT returns on Saturday at 7pm.

Simon Cowell Reveals What Work He Would Like To Do If He Wasn’t Famous


Britain’s Got More Talent is ready to unleash yet more absolute mayhem as Stephen Mulhern gets up closes and personal with the judges exclusively back stage.

Has Stephen Mulhern had any surgery?

After Simon tells Stephen his baby will definitely not be named after him, he starts to imagine his baby looking like him and things develop into the judges teasing Stephen about his appearance… what’s changed this year? Apparently his teeth, his hair and his head….

Simon – What have you had done… your hairs definitely changed. It’s not moving, it’s like you have a hat on.

David – You definitely wear a lot more make up than you used to. Apparently you’re coming in the morning with your make up on, and then even more gets put on.

Simon – And you’re going to bed with it on.

David – It’s all on the sheets in the morning.

David – Your face has ballooned… I don’t know whether it’s the Catchphrase thing.

Simon – He’s done something to his teeth. Have you had them whitened?

Amanda comes over to test Stephen’s facial movements… ‘frown, look surprised’.

Amanda – I don’t think he’s had anything done, I think he maybe should though!

What would the judges be if they weren’t famous?

While Stephen Mulhern goes backstage to catch up with the judges, he asks them the question everyone wants to know the answers to…. If you weren’t you what would you do?

Simon reveals that if he wasn’t busy making millions, he’d like to work with animals, ‘ I would either like to be a racing driver or train race horses, or dolphins.’

David reveals he’s like to work with his hands, saying ‘I’d be a masseuse. Let me get my oils…’ before he goes on to give Stephen a little massage, telling him he feels ‘very stiff’.

While Amanda reveals she’d like to try her hand at something serious and be a newsreader and Alesha shows ambitions to be a media mogul and own her own TV network like Oprah Winfrey.

Britain’s Got More Talent is on ITV2 this Saturday at 8.20pm

Britain’s Got Talent Achieves Record Viewing Figures For Their Launch Show


Simon Cowell must be feeling very happy as the show scored its highest rating launch episode ever with 11.1 million viewers  on Saturday night, peaking at 12.3 million.

The ITV1 talent show boasted a 47 per cent share last night as series eight got under way with laughs, tears and an owl act.

Prior to this, the highest launch audience for Britain’s Got Talent was 2010, when the opening episode attracted 10.6 million viewers.

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