CONFIRMED: Cheryl Cole Returns As A Judge On The X Factor


In a surprise announcement on Instagram Cheryl Cole confirms she is returning to The X Factor.

“GUESS WHAT!!..  I’m baaaacccckkkkk!!!!#iMayActuallyRingHisNeck #XFactor2014 #leggooo,” she wrote, beside a snap of her pretending to throttle music mogul Simon.

Simon Cowell confirmed this a few minutes later, tweeting ‘It’s official. Cheryl is back.

A source told the Mirror “Over the last 18 months, Cheryl and Simon have got back in touch and slowly repaired their relationship.

“And in January they had dinner with Peter Fincham at Simon’s London house.

“There has been to-ing and fro-ing but the deal was finally done in the last 48 hours.


“It’s all very last minute but now there’s due to be an announcement, It’s really exciting.”

“Simon is delighted that she is back. With him and her on the panel it’s a dream ticket.”

This announcement marks an end to months of speculation that Cheryl was to return.

The source added: “Simon was always very sad about the way things turned out over there and especially the way his relationship disintegrated. 

“Slowly but surely they got things on an even keel and now they are stronger than ever. It was destiny they would be working together again.”

A full press release is expected tomorrow.

SOURCE: The Mirror


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