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X Factor To Screen Three Nights A Week For Bootcamp and Judges Houses

**Embargoed to 00.01 GMT 7th September** The X Factor series 11 episode 4 to be aired on sunday 7th SeptemberX Factor is set to clash in the schedule with Strictly Come Dancing again – with ITV running Simon Cowell’s talent show THREE nights a week.

During the Boot Camp and Judges House stages of The X Factor later this month, ITV will screen shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A source at ITV explained that the decision was made when their Sunday night schedule was too full to have a long enough X Factor show in primetime.

They have a Sunday Night At The Palladium 7-8pm and Downton Abbey on at 9pm.

The ITV source added: “The plan to strip Boot Camp and Judges Houses across three nights has been in place for some time and before we saw the Strictly launch night plans. Boot Camp and Judges Houses are always longer shows, and this year we don’t have the space to accommodate a long show on Sundays for these stages, so we have decided instead to strip the shows across three nights.”

A final decision on 26 September schedule will be made tomorrow, Wednesday 10 September, after more negotiation between BBC and ITV.

Is this good news or is three nights a week too much? Let us know on Twitter…

Source: The Mirror

Sunday Night’s X Factor Was A Night Of Mixed Emotions – Our Review Sums It Up.

s2-1-judges-deskX Factor Review by Dean Maynard of Midas Talent PR

Wow, Saturday night was filled with top UK (and US) talent in the shape of Paul Akister and  Maria Ellinas and the world was introduced to two more Team Midas acts, Lola Saunders and Ben Haenow.

Onto Sunday and the auditions hit Cheryl’s home town of Newcastle. Thenorth east is a beautiful place full of amazing scenery, friendly down to earth people and also my home. The musical talent here is breathtaking, X Factor acts of the future to watch out for includeOliPatto, Beth Coates and girl band The Sweets.After Simon gave us the worst Geordie impression ever, (sorry boss) we got on with the auditions.
**Embargoed to 00.01 GMT 7th September** The X Factor series 11 episode 4 to be aired on sunday 7th September
Shoe sales assistant Kerrianne Covell kicks us off admitting that she may now be out of a job as her boss wouldn’t allow her the time off to attend the audition…but here she is. Thankfully she can sing like an angel and sailed into the next round. Simon said her singing was “effortless” and Chery called her “gorgeous”. After her audition Simon called Kerrianne’s boss and left a message saying: “Hello, it’s Simon Cowell. I’m phoning to apologise actually for Kerrianne not being at work today. “She has got through to the next round but would like her job back in the short term. “But if she makes it through, she’ll probably never talk to you again. I hope that’s ok. Call me, bye. Priceless

Team Midas’ Geoff Mull is up next and if anyone deserves their time in the spotlight, it’s him. He gigs nearly every night, whilst still working full time. Following rejection last year, Simon tells him that this is his last chance to shine and Geoff takes it with both hands. He sings his original track ‘Better Man’ and knocks it out of the park. The judges all love him, Simon even calls him a ‘nice guy’. Well done mate.

Lauren ‘all the judges are animals’ Lovejoy and Steve Tennet were both ok but they didn’t wow me. I wish them all the luck in the world though.

Starlight brought gifts, but for the girls only. ‘Nothing for us?’ Simon asked. ‘No. Just for the girls. I’m a female person.’ Starlight replied…Let’s hope she can sing?? Well, being honest, she couldn’t sing a note but she was hilarious, she even turned round and waved her bum in Simon’s direction and shouted ‘up yours’.

Up next was Dr King, real name Adam and not really a Dr…or singer. Next.

I love acts that are hungry and who never give up but Raign came across as not at all likeable. Her first audition split the judges, Louis and Mel B said yes but Simon and Cheryl said no, which meant bye bye but Raign demanded another performance and sang her original song ‘Don’t let me go’. Simon changed his mind. I didn’t.  Still, she is Number 17 in Russia.

Janet Grogan and Emily Middlemas were both brilliant, just wish we had seen more of them. Can’t wait to see them again at the arena.

Robert Pattinson’s (yes, that one) older sister Lizzy did a tremendous version of ‘Feels Like Home’. I think she could be one to watch, there is something about her, sadly all my Team Midas places are filled.

Fish shop worker Michael Rice (and chips) looked nervous but as soon as he started singing, the judges were mesmerized and so was I. This is why these shows work, to give genuine talent a shot.

**Embargoed to 00.01 GMT 7th September** The X Factor series 11 episode 4 to be aired on sunday 7th SeptemberYorkshire lass Kayleigh Manners was doing it for herself and Mel B. She immediately got me onside by singing Cher Lloyd’s ‘Want U Back’. Great vocal, likeable and memorable. A perfect combination.
**Embargoed to 00.01 GMT 7th September** The X Factor series 11 episode 4 to be aired on sunday 7th September
The last room audition slot was filled by 2012 contestant Jake Quickenden. His first song just wasn’t doing it, the judges just weren’t feeling it. After some advice by the judges, Jake sang ‘Say Something’ and everything changed. Louis summed it all up “That second song was so emotional. I can see you doing really well.” I think Jake will be a serious contender.

Right, I’m off to Wembley Arena…see you next week.

What Happened On Saturday’s X Factor – Check Out Our Guest Review

fantastically-nuts Dean Maynard from Midas Talent PR blogs our X Factor Review

The opening X Factor shows last weekend were by far the most entertaining for years. Saturday night TV (and Sunday of course) back to it’s very best. The return of our favourite judges, Simon and Cheryl, brought sparkle and bit of fun back to the proceedings. The talent was pretty amazing too. Step forward my favourites, Lauren Platt, Andrea Faustini…and Team Midas’ Only The Young.

People of Britain, order your takeaway, get the beers in (soft drinks can be just as refreshing) pull up a chair and get ready to face the music. It’s time for X Factor, week two.

First up was Ten, (yes that really is her name) who admitted openly that she has come straight to the audition after a night out partying. In Team Midas land, that would be a big no no. Vocally she was ok, but the judges agreed with me. Simon said she had ‘almost thrown her talent away’ and concluded that she needs to ‘get her act together’. Ten must have nine lives because she still managed to squeeze through…and Ten, watch out for the lights.

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