What Went Down On Sunday Night? Read Our X Factor Review For Show 2

s1-12-judges-mReview by Dean Maynard

Saturday we saw our judges smashing guitars, enjoying chinese buffets and of course passing their expert judgement on some great singers. Ready for more…well here we go.

The return of Simon and Cheryl, alongside new arrival Mel B and regular Louis, saw a first show audience of around 10 million. Not bad at all.
GCB kicked us off and it wasn’t good. In fact the storms clouds gathered and the heavens opened. Next.
After a few more ‘boring’ auditions, we met likeable Essex call centre worker Stevi “kind eyes” Richie. To be frank, it was fun and entertaining, but vocally, it wasn’t good. Saying that, our judges liked it and  I’m glad he got through. Good things happen to nice people.
The groups got their chance to shine and first up was a four piece mixed band (two boys, two girls) called Only The Young. Now,  In the words of Cheryl “That’s how you do an audition” They are absolutely amazing. The last time I got a buzz like this from a band was a certain One Direction and we know what happened there.  Only The Young. I have a very good feeling about you.
More groups followed….Five piece boy band Concept followed and they were also very good. Great vocals and it was effortless. Three piece girl bandArize were vocally fantastic and smashed their audition out of the ball park.  Boy band Overload have great potential and I can’t wait to see them at their arena audition.Kitten And The Hip, aka husband and wife Ashley and Scarlett proved sometimes one voice is better than two but Louis Walsh’s opening comment shocked us “I thought you were father and daughter”  A bit awkward but Scarlett made the right choice to go it alone. She could be one to watch.
Oceane Guyot, Jimmy Cheung and Jan Chichorz all had their chance to shine but they were so bad both of my cats left the room in disgust. Please make it stoooppppp.


Pug loving Italian Andrea Faustini brought back some normality with what can only be described as one of the best vocals I have ever heard. Wow. What a voice. He has to make it to live shows. Blooming awesome. Mel B was in agreement “You took it to church and back brother.  My favourite of the auditions so far.”

We finished tonight’s with the overs fighting for their lives and potentially their last chances. Of Michelle Lawson, Chloe Thwala, Helen Fulthorpe, the one that stood out was Helen. I think she could do very well.
Ex girl band member Linzi Martin was very nervous and it showed, not being harsh, I did totally agree with Simon when he said “I’m gonna be honest with you Linzi. This is not gonna work out for you. Your voice just isn’t good enough sweetheart,”. For the record, I was totally with Simon.

Right, I’m off to ring Stevi’s call centre…see you next week


X Factor Review Of The Launch Show By Our Guest Blogger


Dean Maynard from Midas Talent PR reviews the X Factor launch show for us.  

Look out for Dean’s weekly reviews for Just Simon Cowell.

The World cup is a distant memory, the nights are starting to draw in and for most, (sorry Scotland) the return to school is imminent. This can only mean one thing, the return of the one, the only, The X Factor.

It is also the return of the King of Talent Spotting, the return of the King of Reality TV and the return of the all round nice bloke. No, not me, Mr Simon Cowell. We also welcome back the brilliant Cheryl, a new judge, you might have heard of called Mel B and of course our old favourite, Louis Walsh.

The new series opened with a trailer that rivalled a blockbuster Hollywood film. If I wasn’t excited about X Factor returning, I  am now….that reminds me, when is the new Batman film out?

I hope we don’t get too many annoying novelty acts this year….so who’s up first?

Blonde Electric are sisters, Jazzy and Ruby. As soon as I set eyes on them, they reminded me of a female Jedward. Surprise surprise, Louis loved them too. Vocally it wasn’t bad and their personalities will make them memorable. But will it be for the right reasons? Either way, they are the first act through.

The next segment was a load of guitars (literally) and Simon had enough, taking pleasure in smashing one of them to pieces. Let’s hope the next act doesn’t have a guitar.

**Embargoed until 00.01 GMT Saturday 30th August** First episode of The X Factor Series 11 - Saturday 30Up next, is guitar playing (calm down Simon) Reece Bibby. You just couldn’t write this script! He is however amazing. Great voice and excellent guitar playing. However, I somehow don’t think we will see his guitar again though. Charlie Jones followed, again very good, but like I said about a certain Liam Payne in 2010. I think these Reece and Charlie would look better in a band.

Here we love singers with outstanding talent but include hunger and passion into the mix and you have a star. Chloe O’Gorman had it all in abundance. You could see she was in the zone and I loved her audition.

When Lauren Platt appeared I immediately sat up. Her tone was fantastic and it was note and pitch perfect. Simon said a star had been found. I totally agree.

The next group of contestants ignored poor Mel B and focused on their love for Cheryl. One such charmer, Ben Quinlan who said and I quote “I love animals and I love Cheryl Cole”. Did he mean it to come out in such a way? He sang “That’s my Goal”…well it’s my goal to never replay him singing it. For the record Mel B, you were my favourite Spice Girl.

**Embargoed until 00.01 GMT Saturday 30th August** First episode of The X Factor Series 11 - Saturday 30What is Cheryl doing auditioning? Oh hold on, it’s someone else. Loved Simon’s, “The vocals were spot on” quote. The King is well and truly back.

Anyway, after Simon told Louis his two fans had gone home. We got back to the talent.

It must have been really hard for Amy Connolly to come back to the X Factor after losing out at judges houses in 2008 but when you have an angelic voice like hers, you should never give up. Never. A very emotional, note perfect audition. Fantastic.

Simon was left alone with the persistent Shayden Willis after Mel, Cheryl and Louis walked off. I just wish he had been given more time…

The weird and wonderful followed including a buffet being provided by one of the contestants mum’s. Forget the singing. I’m starving now.

**Embargoed until 00.01 GMT Saturday 30th August** First episode of The X Factor Series 11 - Saturday 30If posh, beauty and faultless singing is your bag then you would have loved Chloe Jasmine. She gave tonight’s show a real breath of fresh air, with her uniqueness. She is definitely one to watch.

After Simon wound up Cheryl, the last act up tonight was Jay James. The ex soldier gave it everything, I agreed with Simon, it started slowly, then built in to a crescendo that left the judges wanting more.

What an amazing first show, having Simon and Cheryl back made the show feel fresh and fun again. Mel B looks like a great acquisition and Louis is, well Louis. Excellent production by Mark Sidaway, Leo Holden and the team. 10/10

Right, I’m off to smash up some guitars…see you tomorrow

X Factor 2014 Backstage Gossip On Simon Cowell And The Judges

This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned above, or ITV plc. Once made available by ITV plc Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up unMirror correspondent Jeff Brazier went backstage at the auditions to catch up with the judges secrets.

Jeff spills the beans telling us, Simon will be wearing trousers that don’t fit him too well, Cheryl will love anyone from Newcastle, Mel will start dancing if anyone sings a Spice Girls anthem, and Louis will say: “you made that song your own!”

Even when the judges aren’t being filmed for the show there are at least 20 cameras on each of them.

The Judges area is covered in fruit platters for the judges to snack on. They are EVERYWHERE.

There’s always loads and loads of blueberries on them for Cheryl

But music mogul Simon has the greatest demands. He has a whole cupboard of sweets under the judges’ table to snack on during the auditions. #diva

He has someone buy a big tin of Celebrations and pick out all the Malteasers because he doesn’t like them. He likes the Snickers best.

When we were filming he was so late. Everyone was hanging around waiting for him for three hours.

But he can do that, he’s the boss. New Xtra Factor host Sarah Jane Crawford calls him the Cowellator.

The other judges just poke fun at him.

SOURCE: The Mirror

Simon Kicks Up A Cold War: The Panel Has Never Been Frostier!

dm-judges-xThings are frosty on X Factor this year, particularly between Cheryl and Louis, and Simon is Loving it!

Cheryl did not want Louis – who insisted he was leaving last year – back on the panel when she agreed to make her return. Simon overruled her; there are some benefits to being the boss. ‘I can’t imagine not having him here,’ he tells Weekend Magazine.

Simon, who seems delighted to have got them in the same room, if only to watch sparks fly, laughs uproariously. ‘Cheryl had it written into her contract that she can’t ever be alone with Louis,’ he grins. Cheryl doesn’t disagree. ‘Well we don’t like each other,’ says Cheryl. ‘I don’t think we ever did. We’ll work together, but there’s no love lost there.’

Louis, is a bit more diplomatic – to a point. ‘Let’s just say we are very different people. We agree to disagree. In a sense I suppose it’s good for the show. It would be very boring if we thought in the same way.

Indeed; it would be rather boring without all the fights, wouldn’t it? Clearly Simon – back on the panel after three years on his American version of the show – thinks so.

There’s an intriguing moment during our interview where I ask about some of the awful things Cheryl and Louis have said about each other over the years, and they brush it off, but Cowell – Chief Troublemaker, clearly – hits Google to find some of the juiciest gems, reading them out. 

 He is in his element with two panel members who may or may not end up throwing water over each other by the end of the series. Still, at least he’s candid about his mischief-making. ‘I think it is boring when people get on too much. The fact that these two don’t like each other is fun to watch, they have different personalities.’ How so?

The thing about Cheryl is that she has that likeability factor,’ says Simon. ‘When a contestant walks into a room they just immediately like her and warm to her. Louis? Not so much’. Ouch. The next question, given that poor Louis seems to be such a whipping boy, has to be ‘Why is he here then?’ ‘Ah well, he is a good manager and he knows the business,’ says Cowell. ‘You don’t sell 100 million records by accident.’

Simon Cowell Reveals His Biggest Fear On Returning To X Factor Is ‘Not Being Relevant’

SimonSimon Cowell revealed his big fear was “no longer being relevant” as he prepared to return as an X Factor judge on ITV next weekend.

Simon said: “Whether I’m liked is immaterial. The only thing that bothers me is whether or not I am ­relevant any longer.”

“If you’re on these shows and not having hit records or hit artists in your real life, you look a bit of an idiot.”

“You’re just a judge for hire. I couldn’t do that.”

But Simon showed his softer side when asked if partner Lauren Silverman asked him if she looked good in an outfit. He told US station AXS: “I just say yes.”